Brief Comments About 18CT Everose Gold Fake Rolex Day-Date II 218235 Watches UK

Compared with Rolex Day-Date, Day-Date changes the size of 36 mm into 41 mm, which can fit the wrists of the modern wearers better and reflect the aggressiveness of the extraordinary copy Rolex watches.

The luxury copy Rolex Day-Date II 218235 watches are made from 18ct everose gold.
18CT Everose Gold Copy Rolex Day-Date II 218235 Watches

The luxury replica Rolex Day-Date II 218235 watches are made from 18ct everose gold. The cases are in smooth lines and not too thick or too thin, so the watches look sturdy and durable. The lugs have slight camber, which can fit the wrists of the wearers better. There are crown logo of Rolex covered on the screw-down crowns. The bezels are classic fluted. The three-piece links 18ct everose gold bracelets are also durable and comfortable.

The 41 mm fake Rolex Day-Date II 218235 watches have black dials.
Black Dials Fake Rolex Day-Date II 218235 Watches

Besides, the outstanding fake watches have black dials. On the dials, there are 18ct everose gold hour marks set with sapphires (red sapphires at 6 and 9 o’clock), clear 18ct everose gold scales, remarkable 18ct everose gold hands, large date windows at 3 o’clock and day windows at 12 o’clock.

Special And Wonderful UK Rolex Day Date II 218348 Replica Watches Only For Your Noble Life

Since the very early days, people were caring about the personal images. It was all related to the advancement of the human civilization, which has been taken effect on the life and nature. How people showing the respect on the good and wonderful civilization.

While in today’s life, people no longer need to stick up to the old stereotypes. And there are many ways for people to decorate the life journey. Especially those celebrities. They have the strength to enjoy the delicate and charming white diamonds Rolex Day Date II 218348 fake watches.
In people’s eyes, celebrities are those charming, wealthy people who care nothing but spend extravagantly. While some of them are live a frugal life. Such as AraabMuzik, the pop song singer who also pay lots of attention in the personal image.
The big calendar Rolex 218348 fake watches are also designed with the finest technology. Inner Swiss made 3156 automatic movement is the excellent design of Rolex. Yellow gold bezel mouthed on 41mm case. Besides, this Rolex President watch have a long turn warranty for customers.

Novel Fake Rolex Day-Date II Watches UK With Platinum Bracelets Add Dignity For Gentlemen On Easter

Rolex is always the extreme pursuit for many people, and the most popular style is the display of day and date, which can play a very key role in the daily life. Therefore, the Swiss blue dials copy Rolex Day-Date II watches are also regarded as the popular watches.

Particularly designed with noble flavor, the luxury Rolex fake watches with silver hands online can help you realize your requirements of self-affirmation and high beauty-appreciation, consequently, they can accompany to attend different occasions.

Rolex Day-Date II Fake Watches With Diamond Hour Markers

To highlight the dignity for many of you, the charming replica watches with platinum cases are correspondingly set with platinum bracelets, and they also make the most of the diamond hour markers to better coordinate with the pretty blue dials that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

What’s more, the forever replica watches with self-winding movements also focus on the high performance by adopting the PARACHROM hairsprings and shock-absorbing devices, which succeed in the extreme accuracy and excellent reliability.

Have you decided to own a special Easter day? If you haven’t think of the best way, the low-price Rolex copy watches sales for men can assist you to record all the pleasing moments and interesting matters.

Rolex Day-Date – Return of a Classic

In my first years of watch collecting, I remember I was able to borrow this top quality repinca  Rolex Day-Date uk 18238 from my friend Gerard – who’s also a contributor for Fratello Watches – for a few days and it felt like magic. At that time I was a student and walking around with a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date on a President bracelet probably looked a bit ridiculous. However, during all these years, the idea of owning one at some point never let me go. Up to this day, I still don’t have a Rolex Day-Date with President (or Oyster) bracelet but the wish is still there and very alive.

The lack of Rolex Day-Date ownership can be explained though. The good ol’ Day-Date in 36mm is considered to be relatively small these days. Now I do think that you can pull it off with a Rolex Day-Date, but I notice that my 36mm Datejust only gets little wrist time these days. Although I love those Rolex Day-Date reference 1803 models, the 18038 and later references definitely have my preference for the simple reason that they seem to be larger on the wrist due to the dial. The Day-Date reference 1803 has a pie-pan shaped dial that makes it look a bit smaller. So actually a Rolex Day-Date 18238 in yellow gold with a tapestry dial would be one of my favourite combinations. On the other hand, a bit more toned down white gold version would perhaps suit me better. As you can see below, the Rolex Day-Date 18209 is an interesting white gold version with Oyster bracelet that has very classy looks.

Rolex Day-Date 118209 - Photo by Geo

The Rolex Day-Date II – that has now been discontinued – had a diameter of 41mm. In my opinion, the watch was a bit too big and lacked the finesse and perfect design ratio of the 36mm versions. Somehow, this watch appeared to be bulkier on the wrist than the 41mm Datejust II.

So besides the luxury swiss world uk Rolex Yachtmaster replica Everose (we talked about it here), Rolex decided to bring us a new version of their Day-Date in 40mm and a beautiful stainless steel Oyster Perpetual in 39mm. We will get back to you on the new 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual later on.

Rolex Day-Date reference 228235

The Rolex Day-Date in 40mm is basically a larger version of the classic 36mm Day-Date where the 41mm Day-Date II was just a different type of watch. Not only did Rolex put more effort into the design of the Day-Date, they also updated the movement. With more effort into the design of the new 40mm version, I mean that they respected the original Day-Date more than they did with the 41mm version.

The middle part of the case and lugs are more refined than its 41mm brother. The Rolex Day-Date 40mm is therefore [far] more elegant on the wrist and probably suits about every wrist size. Men with smaller wrist can still decide to go for the original 36mm version of the Rolex Day-Date of course.

Rolex Day-Date reference 228238

For now, Rolex introduced the Day-Date 40mm in 18 carat white gold, yellow gold, Everose gold and the cream of the crop is of course the platinum version. The gold versions have a fluted bezel where as the platinum edition was presented with a smooth bezel. There will also be diamond-set bezels for the Rolex Day-Date 40mm.

All Rolex Day-Date models shown have the famous President bracelet. At this point, it is unknown whether Rolex will also deliver the Day-Date on an Oyster bracelet.

Aside from the aesthetics, and I already love that part a lot about the new Rolex Day-Date, there is also something to say about the technical aspects of the watch. Rolex developed a new movement for this Day-Date, featuring – besides the day and date indicator – a power reserve of 70 hours, a new escapement (called Chronergy) and a high precision (-2 / +2 seconds per day).

Rolex Day-Date 228206

Interesting to note that the Chronergy escapement in this Rolex caliber 3255 movement is anti-magnetic. As you know, magnetism (measured in gauss) is one of the worst enemies to a mechanical watch. Also, the movement has a blue Parachrom hairspring, which is able to handle shocks in a better way than a traditional hairspring. Rolex caliber 3255 seems to be a very solid movement, able to withstand the abuse during daily wear. Swiss replica watches for Rolex Day Date II  was also able to guarantee a -2 / +2 seconds per day deviation with this new movement, numbers that easily fall into the chronometer standards (-4/+6 seconds per day) according to the COSC. Rolex has no less than 14 patents for this new movement and claims that over 90% of the movement consists of new components.


So, that’s all cool of course, but I am convinced that most buyers of the new Rolex Day-Date 40mm are more worried about the perfect dial and material combination than technical specifications of the movement. They just rely on it, which is fine of course. In that respect, the Rolex Day-Date is to watches what a Mercedes Benz S-class is to cars. You know that the engine is fine and smooth as butter.

The new Rolex Day-Date 40 has been presented in a number of dial and colour combinations but I am sure this will be expanded in the future with more different configurations. Prices of the Rolex Day-Date 40 start at CHF 33.200,- Swiss Francs for the yellow gold versions, CHF 35.800,- Swiss Francs for the Everose and white gold version and CHF 59.600,- Swiss Francs for the platinum model.

In the end, I believe that with the Rolex Day-Date 40mm the classic ‘Presidential’ Rolex has returned and will find its way to those who love an elegant but very powerful ‘statement’ watch.

My lust for a Rolex Day-Date has been reignited again with the introduction of the 40mm models. Now, it is only a matter of raising funds and selecting the right configuration. This 40mm model will be probably in the collection for another 50 years again, with its classic lines and elegant appearance so I won’t have to hurry.

Deeply Analyze Rolex Replica Sale Oyster Perpetual Submariner Yacht-Master

When in 2015 the Basel see rolex reolica Datejust II  this watch, I couldn’t help Shouting out, it wasn’t a guy your DIY yachts?Because a lot of love table fan would have their own hand rolex watch DLC, DLC is what?Is the diamond-like coating (Diamond – like Carbon) or DLC coating is containing Diamond structure (sp3 key) and the graphite structure (sp2) of metastable amorphous material, mainly sp3 Carbon atoms and the sp2 hybrid key combination.In plain English is to make the watch on the plating a layer of DLC coating.Green water ghost has a lot love table fan DLC, it also has a lot of love table fan Love take own di tong (Daytona) into black, so when I see this all-new which – Master called Everose gold watches, thought it was a table fan “big”, let me unexpected is that this was a rolex launched new one!深入剖析:劳力士全新蚝式恒动游艇名仕型航海腕表Yacht-Master  (点击图片翻页)

This brand new rolex new yacht mingshi, eternal rose gold watchcase used material, for the first time with black dial, and rotate the outer ring is put on the new black Cerachrom ceramic word circle.Very is suitable for the younger generation, have a passion for sport is thoroughly thoroughly remould oneself, do not know if this ingenious design and arrangement, whether against smart to watch the best defensive posture?The author is rolex water ghost fan, through numerous exercises of wrist wear alternately, finally found the word circle design, rolex is very eternal, is also very easy to let people like, it may also is one of the elements of it still unbeaten.

This all-new which – Master don’t know why, always feels a bit familiar to me, a little like a Submariner kindness, was missing the past which – Master feeling, can this improvement, let everything back to the position of a best.The most astonishing, than when we first saw it changed the “tape”, condescending to witness all expressions are a little hesitation, her love is, finally know strap Oysterflex rubber band using the latest research and development, not only in combination with the solid metal strap and the flexible rubber strap is comfortable, its internal also let super elastic sheet metal strap is more durable.In addition, the watch 18 ct eternal rose gold middle crust is made up of Rolex foundry, while keep brand consistent high temperament, its unique waterproof oyster type case also provide best protection for preciseness movement.深入剖析:劳力士全新蚝式恒动游艇名仕型航海腕表Yacht-Master  (点击图片翻页)

Which – Master the new Oysterflex strap, developed and patented by rolex is the sporty design alternative metal strap, its strong and waterproof properties is more reliable than the former.This kind of strap flexible and beautiful, and comfortable wearing, like a rubber band, but its durability is comparable with the metal strap.Strap by elastic nickel titanium alloy plate connected to the case and oyster type insurance clasp.High-performance black rubber will metal cladding, under various environmental conditions not easy also be affected, durable, wearing also is very buy fake rolex Day Date stable.For wearing more comfortable, Oysterflex strap inside equipped with longitudinal buffer patent system, make the solid is due to the wrist watch.Strap is also equipped with 18 ct eternal rose gold oyster type insurance clasp, prevent accidental open wrist watch.

Which – Master rotate the outer ring fitted with the new black Cerachrom ceramic word circle, fully show the essence of which – Master.Three-dimensional digital light of polishing and calibration in dumb color Word circles appear bright, all let the timing of the wearer’s easily read 60 minutes record.To supplement the black surface for the first time this table, in stark contrast to Chromalight luminous hands and hour markers and luminous material material distributing blue light, the light and dark conditions are clear, easy to read.Which – Master of oyster type watchcase guarantee waterproof as deep as 100 meters (330 feet), is a model of strong and elegant and perfect proportion.18 ct eternal rose gold middle crust is composed of rolex foundries to build.Buckle lock chain crown on the use of three triple waterproofing system, along with triangle grooved bottom cover, strong tighten in the watch case.Crown shoulder with the middle crust.Mirror with blue crystal manufacture, not easy to damage.At 3 o ‘clock position with small window lens, convenient to read a calendar.Oyster type waterproof case for preciseness swiss replica rolex Day Date II movement provides the best protection.