Add a new summer look to your Rolex Swiss made watch!

South Florida.  The words evoke different things to different people.  To some, it means sun, fun and vacation.  To others, images of Scarface style hustlers, gangsters and drug dealers come to mind.  To me, it is simply home.  Make no mistake; South Florida is a melting pot of nationalities, professions (I use that word loosely), and moral fibers.  Amongst this stew, there lies the ocean and aside from the boating fun that it brings, it is also a rich fishing ground.   If you’d travel back in time with me to my childhood during the late 70’s, early 80’s in South Florida, you’d view a typical “SoFla” fast money phenomenon that, for a brief period before conservation laws kicked in, gave rise to the region’s newest nouveau riche: the swordfish fisherman.

You see, during this period, the swordfishing craze caught on en masse and before the fish became protected due to overfishing, South Florida’s commercial fisherman were longlining for these predators and turning their bounty into instant cash.   Amongst the many toys that these folks spent their truly hard earned money on, one purchase was overwhelmingly common: the best swiss replica Rolex Submariner watch uk online.  Rolexes have always been immensely popular in a showy South Florida as a sign of wealth; the sign that you’ve “made it” via one avenue or another.  In the case of the swordfisherman, the Sub may have been the flashy go-to choice, but the watch did need to stand up to the daily, or nightly in the case of swordfishing, rigors of the task.  Smacking into gunwales, scraping against big Penn reels, reaching into chummy bait buckets, chopping up squid or ballyhoo, and standing watch at whatever local bar were the likely daily tasks a Sub would see.

Oh, and let’s remember that with lobsters aplenty and other spearfishing targets, diving was also a typical activity for any South Floridian.  No, the Sub generally didn’t test its depth rating in South Florida, but it was tested.  I still recall seeing these watches on leather-skinned people and the pieces always stood out as looking incredibly large and rugged.  There was simply something about the Submariner that has stayed with me until today.

Fast-forward to 2011 before Christmas and your author was coming off a delayed 10-hour flight from Frankfurt to Houston.  Upon arrival, I did my best OJ Simpson Hertz commercial (you-tube it if you’re not familiar) through the massive airport to catch a small plane to Shreveport, Lousiana to see family.  Once I arrived and did the “family thing” for a couple days, my father and I set out on Christmas Eve to look at the two fantastic jewelers in the area.

I had not flown to the USA with any thoughts of buying a watch, but when you throw vacation, holiday cheer, being with my Dad and a decent year into the mix, you have the perfect recipe for bank account destruction.  I walked into Clarkes Jewelers and saw the Rolex Submariner 14060M.  I had seen this watch so many times before, and while I always wanted one; I never gave it much thought because it was eternally available.

Rolex Submariner 14060MIn 2010, in Basel, though, the Submariner Date had been replaced with the current maxi-cased, maxi-dialed, ceramic bezel version.  Despite the typical non-response from Rolex or its dealers, one could hear the tolling of a death knell for this version of the Submariner.  Perhaps I saw this as a last chance to buy (new) the direct offspring of the watch I remembered so clearly from my childhood.  After about 30 minutes of perfunctory hemming and hawing, the papers were signed and the Sub was mine.  Three months later at Basel, Rolex announced the inevitable and replaced the Submariner 14060M with the current maxi-dialed, maxi-cased, ceramic bezel version: the 114060.

Unlike the conservationists who stepped in to save the mighty swordfish, they’re just fine now thank you, Rolex killed off the last remaining sports model so directly tied to its past.  Now, exactly three years later, as I type this fireside on Christmas Eve, it seems like an appropriate time to give a retrospective on the Rolex Submariner 14060M.

The Rolex Submariner 14060M was the last of its kind.  There’s a lot here that evokes the spirit of the original Sub from 1954.  When it was retired in 2012, it was the last Rolex sport model to feature drilled through lug holes, a stamped bracelet clasp, stamped end links, and an aluminum bezel insert: all hallmarks of the original.

As information, it’s sibling, the 16610 Sub date was replaced in 2010 but even it lost its lug holes in 2003 and stamped end links in 2001.  For reference on the other “old line” sport models, the high quality replica Rolex Explorer 114270 uk was replaced in 2010, the Explorer II 16570 in 2011 and the GMT-II 16710 fell victim back in 2007.  Despite its vintage looks and feel, the Rolex Submariner 14060M was treated to hosts of upgrades during its lifetime.  Originally introduced in 1990 as the Rolex Submariner 14060, it was the successor to the legendary 5513 (introduced in 1962!!).

Rolex Submariner 14060MThe watch, with its 3000-series movement, brought in modern elements such as the sapphire crystal, applied indices and a unidirectional bezel.  It soldiered on until 1998 when slight changes to the movement created the 3130 movements and “M” designation.  In 2007, the Rolex Submariner 14060M became a certified chronometer, which added lines of text to the dial.

Rolex collectors are amongst the most particular in the world of watchdom.  I’d be foolish to try and convince anyone that the last Rolex Submariner 14060M models are any better or worse than their successors, predecessors, those with dates, etc.

What I am here to do is give you an impression of what it is like to wear this watch, own it, and why I find it significant.  Let’s start with the dial.  This is likely where the most controversy lies, as there are some who love all the text and many who cannot stand it. For me, it reminds me of the legendary chronometer rated 5512: aka the Steve McQueen Submariner.

Furthermore, the markers retain non-maxi size and the hands are also still diminutive.  Sans date, the dial obtains perfect symmetry.  A slight sideways glance reveals another controversial point to purists: the engraved rehaut.  Personally, it’s never bothered me and I am happy for another piece of anti-counterfeiting technology.

Rolex Submariner 14060MLet’s journey outside of the dial and take a look at the bezel.  This aluminum bezel is simply fantastic.  There is just something about the semi-matte finishing that contrasts so well with the gloss of the crystal and dial.  Add a shiny bezel, or ceramic for that matter, and the whole thing loses sharpness.  The simple lume pip with its surround just ices the cake.

Speaking of sharpness, the teeth on the bezel have knife-like serrations that ease function while adding detail to the overall package.   Slide right to the crown and its guards and you come to a tactical time-changer that looks large enough to be used with gloves.

Rolex Submariner 14060MThe crown guards, on the other hand, do their job without dominating the case like so many other designs from other brands and currently within the Rolex stable.  A side profile reveals an elegant case that is downright slim in today’s world.  The caseback is vault-like in its design with absolutely no engravings.

The lugs.  When I sat down to write this article, I thought about my favorite attributes of the Rolex Submariner 14060M and the lugs really speak to me.  While the previous details scream masculinity in a loud and bold way, I find that the elegance of the lugs serves to soften the overall blow.  The taper and proportionality to the case are absolutely, unequivocally perfect.  Yes, I know it’s 2014 and 40mm is not big anymore, but these lugs do such an effective job of bringing down the visual mass of this watch so that it can become, as some say, one of the only sport watches that can be worn from the depths directly into the boardroom.  Those lugs are elegant, beautifully finished and, yes, they are drilled.

Rolex Submariner 14060MDrilled lugs are of huge benefit for cleaning the watch but, more importantly, for those who wish to throw any number of straps on the Rolex Submariner 14060M.  I own other Subs amongst the two in these pictures, but the Rolex Submariner 14060M is the only one I’ve never worn on anything other than its bracelet.  Why?  Well, I am hiding in a bunker with a Kevlar vest to protect myself from the upcoming hate-comments because I love this bracelet and its clasp.  The bracelet is so light and comfortable with incredible polish on its sides.  Coming to the clasp, I think it looks amazing.  The link finishing stamped into the clasp is iconic and is one clear sign that brings me back to those childhood memories.  It is massive and business-like; just compare it to a later, similar clasp used on the discount fake Rolex GMT-II 16710 to see the difference.  The fold out wetsuit extension, which I have never used, is basically the same as on a piece I own from 40 years prior.  Sure, it’s stamped, and, yes, it is archaic, but it all clicks together soundly and I have never once had an issue of this clasp failing or springing open.

Rolex Submariner 14060M Rolex Submariner 14060M Rolex Submariner 14060MCapability-wise, a 300M depth rating takes care of all but the most serious divers.  Anything greater than 300M becomes bragging rights to the watchmaker or wearer.  This, of course, is aided by the famous Rolex trip-lock.  Other things to note are hacking, above average lume and a 48 hour power reserve.

What’s it like to wear a Rolex Submariner 14060M?  It’s funny to think that this was such a big, heavy watch not so long ago.  Now, it seems almost normal size-wise but still quite current.  Owing to the fact that this basic case design was made for so many years, it’s highly unlikely that it will go out of style any time soon, if ever.  I own many watches and try to rotate as often as possible to give my addiction a bit of credence.

Rolex Submariner 14060MThat being said, I find this watch on my wrist more often than not.  It simply works with everything attire-wise, has presence, and can go anywhere above or below sea level.  It fits under a dress shirt, hangs out well by the pool and goes with your favorite pair of jeans.  Three years in and the watch still looks amazingly new thanks to its impeccable finishing and rugged design.

Despite complaints from some about the accuracy, or lack thereof, of their Rolexes, this Sub keeps great time.  Oh, and one thing it has that newer swiss replica Rolexes lack is the lovable, trademark clattery, somewhat squeaky bracelet.  It’s not loud or annoying but it’s there; owners understand my comment.

Finding a Rolex Submariner 14060M is easy despite the fact that most consumers buy the Submariner Date.  Also, compared to other Submariner references, the chronometer rated version was produced for a relatively short period but they were still mass-produced.  They are available in all sorts of condition and pricing seems to range from about $5K to over $7K.  At the higher end, I think a lot of these are NOS and come from speculators who put them aside towards the end.

Personally, I’d find a barely used one and wear the heck out of it.  Also, there’s little reason to buy one without box and papers as it is still such a new watch.  While 14060M’s won’t be setting auction records any time soon, if ever, you can bet that they’ll likely appreciate over time.

Am I timepiece curmudgeon or simply sentimental?  Probably both, and maybe a bit of a contrarian as I tend to lean towards simple, non-date watches.  However, I’d like to think that I can recognize a fantastic piece of industrial design when I see one and the Rolex Submariner 14060M defines this.  Like a Speedmaster, the Sub is seen as a foundation piece for any collection.  Even if you do not harbor fond memories of Subs, I’d highly suggest that you try one on for size.  You’ll be able to look down at your wrist knowing you’re wearing a true modern classic, the last of the old line, while benefiting from its go-anywhere modern technology.

Rolex Day-Date – Return of a Classic

In my first years of watch collecting, I remember I was able to borrow this top quality repinca  Rolex Day-Date uk 18238 from my friend Gerard – who’s also a contributor for Fratello Watches – for a few days and it felt like magic. At that time I was a student and walking around with a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date on a President bracelet probably looked a bit ridiculous. However, during all these years, the idea of owning one at some point never let me go. Up to this day, I still don’t have a Rolex Day-Date with President (or Oyster) bracelet but the wish is still there and very alive.

The lack of Rolex Day-Date ownership can be explained though. The good ol’ Day-Date in 36mm is considered to be relatively small these days. Now I do think that you can pull it off with a Rolex Day-Date, but I notice that my 36mm Datejust only gets little wrist time these days. Although I love those Rolex Day-Date reference 1803 models, the 18038 and later references definitely have my preference for the simple reason that they seem to be larger on the wrist due to the dial. The Day-Date reference 1803 has a pie-pan shaped dial that makes it look a bit smaller. So actually a Rolex Day-Date 18238 in yellow gold with a tapestry dial would be one of my favourite combinations. On the other hand, a bit more toned down white gold version would perhaps suit me better. As you can see below, the Rolex Day-Date 18209 is an interesting white gold version with Oyster bracelet that has very classy looks.

Rolex Day-Date 118209 - Photo by Geo

The Rolex Day-Date II – that has now been discontinued – had a diameter of 41mm. In my opinion, the watch was a bit too big and lacked the finesse and perfect design ratio of the 36mm versions. Somehow, this watch appeared to be bulkier on the wrist than the 41mm Datejust II.

So besides the luxury swiss world uk Rolex Yachtmaster replica Everose (we talked about it here), Rolex decided to bring us a new version of their Day-Date in 40mm and a beautiful stainless steel Oyster Perpetual in 39mm. We will get back to you on the new 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual later on.

Rolex Day-Date reference 228235

The Rolex Day-Date in 40mm is basically a larger version of the classic 36mm Day-Date where the 41mm Day-Date II was just a different type of watch. Not only did Rolex put more effort into the design of the Day-Date, they also updated the movement. With more effort into the design of the new 40mm version, I mean that they respected the original Day-Date more than they did with the 41mm version.

The middle part of the case and lugs are more refined than its 41mm brother. The Rolex Day-Date 40mm is therefore [far] more elegant on the wrist and probably suits about every wrist size. Men with smaller wrist can still decide to go for the original 36mm version of the Rolex Day-Date of course.

Rolex Day-Date reference 228238

For now, Rolex introduced the Day-Date 40mm in 18 carat white gold, yellow gold, Everose gold and the cream of the crop is of course the platinum version. The gold versions have a fluted bezel where as the platinum edition was presented with a smooth bezel. There will also be diamond-set bezels for the Rolex Day-Date 40mm.

All Rolex Day-Date models shown have the famous President bracelet. At this point, it is unknown whether Rolex will also deliver the Day-Date on an Oyster bracelet.

Aside from the aesthetics, and I already love that part a lot about the new Rolex Day-Date, there is also something to say about the technical aspects of the watch. Rolex developed a new movement for this Day-Date, featuring – besides the day and date indicator – a power reserve of 70 hours, a new escapement (called Chronergy) and a high precision (-2 / +2 seconds per day).

Rolex Day-Date 228206

Interesting to note that the Chronergy escapement in this Rolex caliber 3255 movement is anti-magnetic. As you know, magnetism (measured in gauss) is one of the worst enemies to a mechanical watch. Also, the movement has a blue Parachrom hairspring, which is able to handle shocks in a better way than a traditional hairspring. Rolex caliber 3255 seems to be a very solid movement, able to withstand the abuse during daily wear. Swiss replica watches for Rolex Day Date II  was also able to guarantee a -2 / +2 seconds per day deviation with this new movement, numbers that easily fall into the chronometer standards (-4/+6 seconds per day) according to the COSC. Rolex has no less than 14 patents for this new movement and claims that over 90% of the movement consists of new components.


So, that’s all cool of course, but I am convinced that most buyers of the new Rolex Day-Date 40mm are more worried about the perfect dial and material combination than technical specifications of the movement. They just rely on it, which is fine of course. In that respect, the Rolex Day-Date is to watches what a Mercedes Benz S-class is to cars. You know that the engine is fine and smooth as butter.

The new Rolex Day-Date 40 has been presented in a number of dial and colour combinations but I am sure this will be expanded in the future with more different configurations. Prices of the Rolex Day-Date 40 start at CHF 33.200,- Swiss Francs for the yellow gold versions, CHF 35.800,- Swiss Francs for the Everose and white gold version and CHF 59.600,- Swiss Francs for the platinum model.

In the end, I believe that with the Rolex Day-Date 40mm the classic ‘Presidential’ Rolex has returned and will find its way to those who love an elegant but very powerful ‘statement’ watch.

My lust for a Rolex Day-Date has been reignited again with the introduction of the 40mm models. Now, it is only a matter of raising funds and selecting the right configuration. This 40mm model will be probably in the collection for another 50 years again, with its classic lines and elegant appearance so I won’t have to hurry.

Rolex , Date and Dual Time

The most famous watch brand from Geneva did not only shocked the World with their new range of Rolex Oyster models, but also introduced a range of watches that belong to the best quality replica Rolex Cellini for sale collection. Admitted, I don’t have a lot going on for the previous Cellini models and that includes the revamped Cellini Prince models. However, I was happily surprised to see that Rolex came up with classic but modern-sized dress watches in Basel.

Rolex-Cellini-001Rolex introduces three different versions of the Cellini: Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. Each available in two different materials for the case and buckle, namely 18 carat white gold and 18 carat Everose gold. Each version is then also available in two different dial colors. The Cellini Time comes with either a black or white lacquered dial and the Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time come with either a black or silver dial featuring this so-called “rayon flammé de la gloire” guilloche motif. So in total, there are 12 variations of the new Rolex Cellini model.

The Rolex Cellini models have a 39mm polished gold case with a double bezel, fluted and domed. The domed screw down case back also has the fluted pattern. I assume that this fluted pattern on the case back is also used to open-up the case with a special Rolex tool that grabs into the pattern, like it is done with the Oyster cases. As you can see on the photos above and below, the flared winding crown features the tag heuer replica Rolex emblem. No dots below the emblem of course, as it is not an Oyster case and therefore ‘only’ waterproof to 50 meters (5 ATM).

Rolex-Cellini-002Rolex is a bit cryptic about the movements they used for the new Cellini collection. There is no specific mention of the caliber that is inside, but where you expect a dress watch like this to have a hand-wound caliber it is actually a self-winding movement. All manufactured in-house of course, including the blue Parachrom hairspring. I assume that these movements are very similar to the movements Rolex already used for their Datejust, Submariner, Sea-Dweller [etc] watches.

The Rolex Cellini Date (reference 50515 for the Everose gold versions, reference 50519 for the 18 carat white gold versions) adds a bit more punch on the dial than the swiss replica watches for Rolex Daytona with lacquered dials (reference 50505 for the Everose versions, reference 50509 for the 18 carat white gold versions) in my opinion. I guess I am not a fan of the printed Roman numerals on the lacquered dials. The guilloché dials also tend to play a bit more with the rays of Sun light.

Rolex-Cellini-004My favorite Rolex Cellini of the bunch is definitely the reference 50525 in Everose gold with black guilloché dial. A perfect rose gold dress watch with mesmerizing dial and pink gold hands and hour markers. The 39mm case diameter is about perfect for everyone whether you have small wrists or large wrists, for a dress watch it is all fine. The Dual Time also has a day / night indicator in the small sub dial at 6 o’clock. There is a Moon or a Sun symbol on 9 o’clock of that sub dial, which makes it easy to differentiate between daily hours or nightly hours. A more elegant solution than to use a 24 hour indicator on a non-sports watch, in my opinion.

All the Rolex Cellini models come on a beautiful alligator strap with an 18 carat gold buckle (again, either white gold or Everose gold). As you can see on the photos that we (Bert)  took, the shiny alligator straps has a nice curve that follows the shape of the watch case between the lugs.

Rolex-Cellini-005 Rolex-Cellini-006The new Rolex Cellini models start at 11,000 Euro. We will give more info on pricing as soon as it becomes available. More information can be found on the Baselworld 2014 section on the official Rolex SA website here.

The New Rolex Oyster Perpetual in 39mm – Will It Make The Difference?

I like a Rolex to be clean and simple. That’s why I love the best quality replica Rolex Explorer for sale so much for example. Last year, Rolex introduced some beautiful Oyster Perpetual models in 36mm with amazing looking dials (White Grape, Red Grape and Steel grey). However, at 36mm they are considered small for today’s standards. Some men can get away with it, but I don’t belong to that group I am afraid. My 36mm Datejust gets hardly any wear because it looks so small on my wrists. A pity, as it is a beautiful timepiece. Of course, the imitation Rolex Datejust II watches would be a perfect alternative.

But not everyone is into a date on the dial of their watch, let alone that they want a cyclops to stick out. Two alternatives were the Rolex Milgauss in 41mm and the Rolex Explorer in 39mm. However, the Milgauss has the odd looking second hand and the Explorer in 39mm isn’t as ‘pure’ as the previous 36mm version according to some.

Now, in 2015, Rolex made it very easy for those who don’t love a lightning-hand or a short minute-hand (Explorer): meet the new 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Next to the new discount fake Rolex Yachtmaster in Everose gold and the Day-Date 40mm, the 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual might look a bit straight-forward and nothing really new, but I think it is. 39mm is a perfect case size for many people, men and women. I have fairly large wrists but easily get away with a 39mm watch. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a no-nonsense stainless steel Rolex that will suit anyone who doesn’t fancy a date.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a clean looking piece, comes on the famous Oyster bracelet and has the unmistakeable brushed finish on case and bracelet, with polished facets and sides. The watch is made of the 904L stainless steel that Rolex started using with the Sea-Dweller. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is water resistant to 100 metres / 330 feet and has the Twinlock screw-down crown to ensure this.


Inside, you’ll find Rolex caliber 3132, an in-house developed and manufactured movement that has been chronometer certified by COSC. The dial has the ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ wording to show you it has this super accurate and certified movement.

The dial of my preference for the 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual is this stunning dark rhodium sunray finished one, with small blue accents. The other available dials for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual reference 114300 are blue (with green accents) and ‘Red Grape’ with bright red accents.

I guess the rhodium and blue dial versions are the most masculine variations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s male demand for the Red Grape Rolex Oyster Perpetual as well.

This tag heuer replica Rolex Datejust II Oyster Perpetual 114300 has a friendly price tag of CHF5400.- Swiss Francs. In my opinion a fair price for a stainless steel manufacture watch of high quality. Admitted, it is a watch with not a single complication, but it’s also a watch that you will never get tired of and as written before, a high-quality watch that will keep its value over time as well. The 39mm diameter makes it a very interesting alternative to the 41mm Datejust and Milgauss models as well as to the smaller 36mm versions. A perfect in-between size that only has to compete with the 39mm Rolex Explorer 214270.

Rolex Launches New Everose Gold Yacht-Master with “Oysterflex” Bracelet

Rolex, a brand known for keeping things mostly traditional in its watch designs, made a somewhat bold aesthetic statement at Baselworld 2015 this week, introducing a striking black-and-gold version of its best swiss replica Rolex Yacht-Master uk online, which also features the brand’s innovative “Oysterflex” bracelet in matte black.

This latest edition of the Rolex Yacht-Master (which is available in both 37-mm and 40-mm case diameters) uses Rolex’s proprietary Everose gold for its iconic Oyster case, topping it off with a matte black Cerachrom insert, with polished, raised black numerals and indices, in its notched bezel. The matte black dial — with Chromolight-treated hands and hour markers — is the first in the Rolex Yacht-Master collection. (Cerachrom, an extra-hard, corrosion-resistant ceramic, and Chromalight, a luminous substance whose glow lasts longer than that of Super-LumiNova, are both exclusive to Rolex.)

Rolex Yacht-Master - soldier

The other first on the new Yacht-Master is the dial-matching black Oysterflex bracelet, which boasts yet another replica luxury Rolex Daytona patent. That’s right: Rolex calls it a bracelet, not a strap, though at first look it very much resembles a more-or-less traditional rubber strap. The interior is equipped with a patented “longitudinal cushion” system that Rolex says gives its wristlet the suppleness and comfort of a strap and the tough resistance and stability of a bracelet. Like the case, the Rolex Oysterlock safety clasp is made of Everose gold — an alloy containing gold, copper, and a smidgen of platinum — which high quality replica Rolex Masterpiece makes in its own foundry.

Rolex Yacht-Master - angle

Rolex Yacht-Master - angle

The Oyster case of the new Yacht-Master is guaranteed to be water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet). The case middle is milled from a solid block of Everose gold, and the fluted caseback and winding crown (the latter outfitted with Rolex’s Triplock waterproofing) both screw down securely. The raised, polished black numerals and indices on the bezel create a subtle but significant contrast with the matte black background, aiding in legibility. And the “cyclops lens” magnifying date window at 3 o’clock means the owner should not have to squint at his watch to remember what day it is.

Rolex Yacht-Master - side angle

The discount fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master 40 is powered by Rolex’s manufacture Caliber 3135; the 37-mm version uses Caliber 2236. Both are mechanical automatic movements (Rolex uses the term “perpetual”) and, like all watch movements in Rolex’s current collection, both are COSC-certified chronometers. The Yacht-Master 37 will be priced at $22,000; the Yacht-Master 40, at $24,950. Both should be on the market, discount luxury replica Rolex Air King says, by Summer 2015.

Rolex Yacht-Master -front